Welcome to the Wiki for Promotional Strategy Management @ Cape Breton University

This site has been created to support a student assignment in Promotional Strategy Management, BUSS 337, at Cape Breton University. This site is entirely the work of the BUSS 337 students and it is a compilation of their research of various concepts and theories relating to the course material. The objective of this assignment is twofold (1) students will become familiar with wikis, a Web 2.0 technology that allows users to collaborate in the development of websites, (2) as well, students will study, in-depth, one topic or theory of interest related to the course material and lectures. They will locate, through research of other secondary sources, information about their chosen topic. The results of this research will be the development of a newly written description, properly cited, and posted on this wiki site.

The use of wikis in education is growing rapidly, and it is recognized as an effective tool for collaborative skill building as students learn to edit and critique the work of others. In addition, it is a practical technical tool as it is a "central repository for project information."[1] Acquiring such skills is important as it is projected that most companies will have wikis by the beginning of 2010.

For the students of BUSS 337, please refer to this site as a source for additional examples and descriptions of course material. It is your work and it is here for your benefit. For students of other marketing courses, this wiki can be a beneficial resource for you as well. Please enjoy!
  1. ^ John, J. Cronin, "Upgrading to Web 2.0 An Experiential Project to Build a Marketing Wiki," Journal of Marketing Education, Vol. 31, Number 1, April 2009.