What is the cause related marketing?

Is a non-for-profit charity by the issue facing the community and at the same time seeking to change the concept of purchase and increase the number
of sales and differentiate your company from other companies in terms of loyalty and belonging and acceptance of the picture by
investors and impart it to others

The advantages of CRM:

The advantages for the a non-profit and business. In business cause related marketing explain that it is socially responsible, and produce goods.
Making the support knowing the positives and perfect cause.
For the non-profit: contributions from a cause-related marketing project can be important and big, and those funds are always not a problem and overhead.
Costs might be supported by them. Besides the actual financial benefit is the intangible value of the publicity and advertising that usually accompanies cause related marketing program, which is a lot done by marketing departments and the company public relations.

The disadvantages of CRM:

There is all the time option in one of the entities connected non-profit company they do something that can effect standing. In that case, the other party may be supposed negative as well. For that reason, nonprofits and corporations should choose their partners wisely.

In addition there has been big problem about non-profits lending their good names to for profit performance. nonprofit could be "sell out" by lending its support to products that are less than benign for the public? These question continue to be debated by both fundraising and marketing professionals.
And today, there is also a possible problem given that there are so many because related marketing programs. The history of Philanthropy made the caveats about the question:

- Merchandising deals are not appropriate for just any charity. The ones that don’t have a big name in expertise or recognition in a particular topic.
- Research and product development it can up taking two years of research.
- Many companies buy huge profile deals can be in cause clutter. Consumers may grow tired of this to buy things from them to supporting perfect causes.
- Lately there was a survey represent by the leading cause marketing firm after the analysis we found that the rest of the companies which been survived in 2004 is 30% can pay more for a product that support a product if it supports a good cause, a follow-up survey more recently showed that just 14 percent of consumers say they would do so.

and finally this is one of the commercial: