Video Game Advertising

Video game advertising- The use of product placement in the gaming industry.


You can see in the picture above that video game advertising goes back to the “early 90’s as Fifa 94 advertised for Adidas.”

In the last 10 years video game advertising has increased substantially. People are spending more time gaming then ever before “75 percent of all US internet users spend at least 1 hour a month playing online games and 27 percent average 30 hours a month playing games online.” It was stated in 2005 that 56 million dollars was spent on in game advertising and the number should grow to 1 billion dollars by the year 2014.

More and more companies are using this type of product placement to get their brand image out there. Companies are finding it hard to use traditional ways of advertising to get the attention of young males and females since most young people have given up on spending time outdoors and have taken up playing video games.

obama-video-game-ads.jpg 0.jpg

In the two pictures above you can see that the online game-play in NHL 09, NBA 09 and UFC Undisputed 2009 use in game advertising. NHL and NBA 09 have a picture of President Barack Obama on in-game billboards promoting early voting in the United States and UFC Undisputed has a big Harley-Davidson logo in the middle of the octagon along with promotion for an upcoming UFC event. They also have the logo's of their major sponsors plotted around the octagon as well.

Advantages of Video Game Advertising

· Easy way to promote your product to millions of people.
· Can use demographic information to see who are playing the games.
· Online gaming has become more popular then traditional gaming.
· Players spending up to or more than 30 hours a month online.

Disadvant​ages of Video Game Advertising

· Players get so into the game that they often do not notice the advertising.
· With online gaming becoming more popular, advertising in the games is becoming more expensive.
· Only reaching a certain percentage of the population.


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