*It is the process of searching the data base for specific peice of information for marketing purpose.


Trawling can be used in a wide variety of ways to communicate with specific individuals that meet a particular criterion.

Home Depot
Trawling could be used when a person purchases or moves into a new house.

  • Home depots marketing team's philosiphy is that when an individual moves there is usually expenses that are associated due to items that are needed when buying a new home. As a result they are able to use this information to their advantage and have a good chance of being able to advertise and sell the individual more goods or services.

Other Uses

*Other uses would be marketers trawling a data base to find anniversary data.

A letter with a free gift or special offer may be sent to individuals on the 5th or 10th anniversary with the company.

Some car dealerships send a correspondance on each years anniversary of a car purchase to if the customer is satisfied or is interested in trading for a new vehicle.

Example: Volkswagon could use trawling to correspond with their customers each year on the anniversary date of the purchase.

They are able to see if the customer is happy with the purchase or has had any problems and at the same time they might be able to get the customer to look into another type of purchase or service.


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