What is substantiation?

The definition of substantiation mean when a company do an advertising claim or did a promise in the advertising, then the advertiser must provide a proof, fact, or evidence. By not doing substantiation could result either lawsuit or governmental action.

Example 1

Example 2

in this example you see the FDA is adjust this commercial is advertising claim

“Green” Claims


Green claim, which is a recyclable, is a famous concept that many companies are doing right now. Moreover by providing this logo to any Ads or commercials or in any product, the consumer will trust more and make it as evidence for the environmentally safe.

How to do it?

1- Identify your claim.
2- Should be a relationship between the evidence and claim.
3- Make your evidence strong.
4- Sum of the evidence

Some of the Language of Advertising Claims

1. The weasel claim.
2. The unfinished claim.
3. The “so what” claim.
4. The vague claim.

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