What is outdoor advertising?

An outdoor sign is used for public to promote a product or service (Tuckwell, 2009, p. 315).
Various Forms of Outdoor AdvertisingPosters (billboards) The poster is composed of special paper designed to withstand the wear and tear outside such as wind, rain, snow, and others. Posters are strategically located on major routes. It can be horizontal or vertical. Billboards along major angles are the most common form of outdoor advertising. It is 210 years old. It has been used since the 1800s (Clow and Baack, 2010, p. 224). Top 10 Atheist BillboardsBacklitA backlit (often called a backlight) is a luminous sign containing advertising graphics printed on translucent polyvinyl material. At night, the lighted display a three-dimensional effect (Tuckwell, 2009, p. 316). Simply speaking, it is the poster that can become light for advertising at the evening.Scrolling backlight is a recent innovation. Scrolling lightboxSuperboards (Spectaculars) A superboard or spectacular is an oversized display superboard.jpg
unit positioned at high volume traffic locations, but it is usual beyond the budgets of most advertisers (Clow and Baack, 2010, p.225).
Mall Poster
It locates inside of the shopping mall, these posters are seen at eye level as consumers are shopping (Tuckwell, 2009, p. 315).

Transit Shelters
It consists of two backlit posters in the front or on the backof bus stop for the whole evening (Tuckwell, 2009, p. 318).

Digital Signs
It displays advertising messages electronically. They are generally located in large urban across Canada (Tuckwell, 2009, p. 317-318).
Full-motion video screensThe screens are remotely programmable and digital signs. They provide advertisers with the flexibility to change creative quickly (Tuckwell, 2009, p. 318-319). Out Of The Box Media Goes MainstreamStreet-Level Advertising Street-level units are also light and positioned close to high-traffic streets in the downtown cores of major markets. Street-Team MarketingA recent innovation is the mega-column that is a tall structure by using three-sided pillars that feature advertising on two sides and municipal information on the third (Tuckwell, 2009, p. 319).Mall Banners and MuralsBanners are the framed and mounted banners on the outside of a building. Mural banner advertisement is hand-painted outdoor extravaganzas (pictures) on the sides of buildings (Tuckwell, 2009, p.320).mall_banner.jpg

Signs on cabs, buses, park benches, and fences of sports arenas are other types of outdoor advertising. A blimp flying above a major sporting event is also a form of outdoor advertising.
Advantages & Disadvantages of outdoor advertising Advantages:
1. Reach key geographic areas broadly chart[1].jpg
2. Target flexibility for local ads by content flexibility
3. Large size, high quality of spectacular message possible
4. Media compatibility
5. Create product awareness
6. The long life of billboard
7. High frequency on major commuter routes

8. Low cost per impression (see the right chart)

1. Short exposure time (Try to overcome this drawback, billboard spots should locate the major arteries such as traffic jam, traffic stops for signals or at stop signs. )
2. Only brief messages and lack of prestige due to lacking of creative and unobtrusive medium,
3. Little segmentation possible
4. Cluttered travel routes
Design considerations for outdoor Careful identification of brand name
Grab attetnions by cutting out extension
Carefully use bold colors and contrast
Use simple, clear, easy-to-read fonts and approriate size
Size the copy and place about products
(Tuckwell, 2009, p. 322-340).
The factors contributing to outdoor advertising’s popularity are

New technology has transformed outdoor into a dynamic and interactive medium.
LED, GPS, Wireless communications, and digital display technology have transformed out door advertising. LED is the most popular one. Movement and lighting through LED technology are added to the attention-capturing qualities of billboards. There are animated videos in Times Square in New York. CBS Outdoor uses a system called SMART-Strategic Mapping and Response Tool. It provides some related traffic flow and traffic volume information, and geodemographic mapping for outdoor advertising to target specific ethnic neighbourhoods with advertising in the appropriate language. Specialization and fragmentation in other media, especially radio and TV which has led to more outdoor. (Clow and Baack, 2010, p.225-226)
Buying Outdoor Media Space Space is quoted on a 4-week basis.
Space is purchased on the basis of GRPs. 100 GRPs is the equivalent of 100% market coverage. GRP=Reach * Frequency.
Reach Formula=the number of households tuned in/ the number of households in area
Frequency Formula= Total Exposures/Reach (Tuckwell, 2009, p.322-323).

Outdoor Media Research The Canadian Outdoor Measurement Bureau (COMB) is responsible for compiling reliable data and information about outdoor advertising (Tuckwell, 2009, p.315).
In the conclusion, outdoor advertising becomes more and more popular and critical for IMC program all of the world.

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