Newspaper Advertising


Newspaper advertising is one of the most common ways to advertise in many countries. Newspaper advertising usually provides advantages of greater
market share in many locations. Also, newspaper advertising does not depend on the target consumers having a television or radio at a certain time in order to
receive the message of the advertisement.

Types of Newspaper Advertising:

Newspaper advertising comes in two major divisions: display or classified.
Example of Display Advertising

l Display advertising

It is generally higher profile advertising. Typically, display advertising may take up an eighth,
quarter, half or full page. Display advertising may either be in color or black and white, with
the color option costing more. Display advertising can be found throughout the paper.

l Classified advertising
Example of Classified Advertising

It is usually the cheapest option for most people and
appeals to those who are after a certain market.
For example, rent apartment; find a job; buy a pet
typically may use classified advertising in their
searching. Classified advertising are usually found
in a specific section.

Advantages of Newspaper Advertising:

Ø Geographic selectivity
Newspapers serve a well-defined geographic area, so they are attractive to
local merchants. Newspaper-reading-floats-away-300x225.jpg
ØCoverage and reach
Newspapers effectively reach a broad cross-section of the adult population.
Current readership statistics show that newspapers effectively reach 51% of
adults 18 years of age and over.

 Ø Engagement
Newspapers are an engaging medium – people devote a considerable amount
of time to reading the paper, and tend to consume it more carefully than other
media such as television or radio.

Ø Flexibility
Newspapers provide several forms of flexibility. It is a medium where advertising
can be placed with short lead times, say, two to three days.

Ø Creative and merchandising considerations
Newspapers are a closely read medium, and since there are many size options for
advertising, advertisers are able to present messages that include long copy or factual
information. Also, newspapers offer merchandise tie-in opportunities, such as
cooperative advertising with local distributors, or coupons or other promotional
incentives geared toward trial purchase or building loyalty.

Disadvantages of Newspaper Advertising:
Ø Short lifespan
A daily newspaper is around for only one day or less, so the likelihood for
an advertisement to receive exposure is drastically reduced if the newspaper
is not read on the day of distribution. newspaper.jpg
Ø Lake of target-market orientation
Newspapers in general reach a very broad cross-section of the population.
For advertisers using a mass reach, newspapers serve a purpose. But
advertisers wishing to reach a target market that is upscale in terms of income,
occupation, or education must recognize that newspaper advertising will reach
many who are not in the target market, resulting in a wasteful spending of an
advertising budget.

Ø Clutter
Clutter is the extent to which a publication’s pages are fragmented into small
blocks of advertising and editorial.

Ø Poor reproduction quality
Advertisers may compare newspapers to magazines on any number of bases.
With respect to quality of print reproduction, newspapers compare very poorly.

Ø High cost
The high cost of newspaper advertising is a problem faced by national advertisers.
As an advertiser adds markets to its list in order to reach regional or national market
coverage objectives, the cost of newspaper advertising suddenly becomes quite high.

How is selling newspaper advertising?

Dwight McKenzie, speaks about selling newspaper advertising.

Newspapers in Canada:

In Canada, there are currently 134 daily newspapers with a total average daily circulation of 6.4 million copies. The largest daily is the Toronto Star, which has an average Monday to Friday circulation of 452,500 per day. Of the 134 dailies in Canada, 120 are published in English and 14 in French. Included in these figures are two free daily tabloids that are distributed in Toronto: Metro and 24 Hours.
Newspapers rank second to television in Canada, controlling 15% of net advertising revenues. That revenue is generated from four advertising sources: retail advertising, classified advertising, national advertising and retail flyer advertising.

Newspaper is going to be a part of your advertising media plans!


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