Music Appeal
Music can be used as types of advertising appeals as it has a certain intrinsic value and can help in increasing the persuasiveness of the advertisement. It can also help capture attention and increase customer recall.

Ad Music Film

As a new corporate culture of communication, music movies more and more accpeted
by enterprises.

Not all enterprises are willing to promote their products in advertising. Like this Ad promote movie sell its company brand. Advertisement combine some beautiful and touching songs tells a fantastic story of the legendary company history.Music style catch us go into the perfect of brand culture;shape the brand image

Has intrusive value. Gains attention and increases the retention of visual information. Can increase persuasiveness of an advertisement.

(Advertisement music MV of "Long Li Qi")

Types of Advertising Appeals Music

Different types of people prefer different types of music. So if you choose to use music as a type of advertising appeal, you need to know the music preferred by your target market. Choose wrong, and you can destroy your advertising campaign.
You need to consider the generation, social class and lifestyle of your target market. Each provides insights into your potential customers' music preferences.

Let me show you the diffrent type of music in diffrent car advertisement:

This davertisement feture is its speakers, so it use the hip-hop music to emphasize.

The music's melody and ritmo fit for the ad theme of sports and fashion car

Musical memories are often srored in long- term recall areas of the brain.Most people cn remenber tunes even from their childhood days.

Music play rolls in ad sometimes the music is incidental.In others, it is the ad's primary theme. So,selecting a quality match between the music and the ad theme can lead to a strogly favorable reaction by the viewer or listener.

Will a famliar song be used or will something original be created?
A important decision involves the selection of a familiar tune versus creatingoriginal music for the ad. The most common method is to write a jingle or music specifically for the advertisement, and advertisers often pay musicians to write music that matched the scenes in the ad. Also,
somecompanies use the same instrumental tune for each commercial,
such as United Airlines.

Using a well-kown song in an ad has certain adcantages.The primary benefit is that consumers already have developed an affinity for the song. Brand awareness,brand eauity,and brand loyalty are easier to develop when consumers are familiar with the music.


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