Interactive Marketing

what is Interactive Marketing?

Interactive marketing is the development of marketing programs that create interplay between customer and business. This is not one-way communication from business to customer.


Interactive marketing is not online marketing. However, Internet is the medium for interactive marketing. The ability to remember what the customer has said is made easier when we can collect customer information online and we can communicate with our customer more easily using the speed of the internet.

Example:, The Home Shopping Network

external image amazon_crave.jpg

This is good example of interactive marketing. Amozon customer’s records external image HSN.jpgand their preferences and shows selections or recommendation by using customer’s searching history or recent purchase.

Two primary activities

  • Personalized target information

  • Engage customers with company and product

Banner Ad
Banner Ad

Online interactive tactics

There are several online interactive tactics used by companies.

Banner ads

Advertisment that typically contains text, logos, photographs or other images, location maps, and similar item.

E-mail marketing

A form of direct marketing which uses electric mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience



E-mail newsletter

An email sent to subscribers with information on a topic. Such newsletters are often used to keep in touch with existing customers or members.

Online promotions

E-mail Newsletter
E-mail Newsletter

Online promotion uses communication via the Internet itself to raise awareness about a site and drive traffic to it. This promotio

n may take the form of links from other sites, banner advertisements or targeted e-mail messages.

Pod casts

A series of dedital media file that are released episodically and downloded through web syndication.

Interactive Marketing objectives

  • Branding

  • Generate sales

  • Drive to web site

  • Brand loyalty

  • Build e-mail list

  • Generate leads

  • offer incentives

  • Generate additional leads

  • collect personal date

  • Award prize

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