Impression Management

What is Impression Management used for?

Impression Management is a tool used for damage control to help preseve one self image. Impression management along with they this three additional techniques Internet intervention, Crisis management programs and Apology strategy make up the Reactive Damage Control Strategies.

What is Impression Management?

Impression Management is a process people use to control the perceptions or impressions about themselves, a bit like personal branding. Individuals may believe they are being judged or perceived based on their outward appearance, personality or other subjective opinions by other people. Impression management attempts to control these perceptions from other people through the development of self presentation methods and techniques used to control outward perceptions or impressions. Common self presentation methods include authentic, ideal or tactical styles of impression management.

What is the goal of Impression Management?

The Goal of Impression Management is for the person to project themselves in a manner to maximize access to and visibility of positive characteristics while minimizing any negative elements.

Remedial Tactics:

If the person cannon reduce the amount of negative characteristics towards themselves they may resort to remedial tactics. There are four main types of remedial tactics they include:

Expression of Innocence – This is where the person of company provides information to the public or a colleague that is designed to convince others they are innocent.

Excuses – Are explanations designed to convince others that the firm or that the person is not involved in the situation.

Justifications – Involve using logic designed to reduce the degree of negativity associated with the predicament.

Other Explanations – Things that may be created to be used to persuade people that the situation is not a fair representation of the firm or person.