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A major company has selected your advertising agency; they are requesting a creative pitch from your team!! What is it? What do you do?? Are you the only agency selected?? When it comes down to it, the creative pitch is the advertising agency's time to shine!

What is a Creative Pitch?
A creative pitch occurs when a company is looking for an advertising agency to show them that they are creative, innovative and the best group to advertise their product or service. It is a formal presentation also known in the industry as a "shootout". The advertising agency will answer questions put forward by the client, as well as, address a specific problem or problems.
What does your team do when preparing a creative pitch?

The advertising agency spends a lot of time developing a creative pitch. It is very time consuming and very costly. A group of people from the agency are selected to work together and come up with the best presentation showing the company that requested the pitch, that your agency is the best agency to advertise for them. You have to sell your agency while addressing all the issues and questions the company puts forward.

Things your team MUST DO when preparing a creative pitch!
  • Make sure you listen and allow the client to speak.
  • Make sure you do your homework and be familiar with the client and their business.
  • Make sure you dress professional and make a great first impression.
  • Make sure you actually believe in what you are presenting to ensure you do a convincing job.

Things your team MUST NOT DO when preparing a creative pitch!
  • Never assume all of your clients are going to be the same, every single one of them will be different.
  • Never try and solve every problem the company presents during the pitch.
  • Never criticize the product or its competition.
  • Never overpromise!!! If you do the client will remember, and it will come back to bite you.
  • Never waste time pitching your credentials or references.

Are you the only agency selected to submit a creative pitch?

No, a company usually narrows down their choices to a select few companies. All of these companies then present their creative pitch to the client. There have been complaints with this process. Some agencies won't get involved in a creative pitch at all. They believe that at times, a client has no intention on ever changing companies, and they put out a request for a creative pitch to actually obtain new creative and innovative ideas. This is actually a big expense for the agency and some don't want to take the risk, without actually having any chance at gaining the account.

Advantages for the agency creating the pitch.
Disadvantages for the agency creating the pitch.
  • creates a high energy level among the office and team
  • senior agents are usually involved
and taken away from their other work
  • presents an opportunity to increase revenue
  • costs incurred with creating the pitch,
such as wages or travel
  • having the team work together and brainstorm could
lead to other great ideas
  • presenting a creative pitch to a client is opening the
door and showing other people your unique ideas
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