The corrective advertising is considered to be used for the purpose of advertisement’s effects counteracting. Besides, corrective advertising is referred to the Federal Trade Commission Action contributing to remedy creation in order to improve the effect of previous advertisements. Every specialists of advertising sphere has a total control over the advertising and promotion operations developed on the basis of personal strategic steps. One can control the place and time of service or product advertising and forecast its effectiveness. The example of corrective advertising can be illustrated through deceptive campaign developed for pill Yaz. The company was forced to introduce corrective advertising through false claims regarding pms and acne efficiency. (Bartra, 2009)
Advantages and Disadvantages

Speaking about minuses of corrective advertising one should stress, that laboratory experiments designed to study effectiveness of corrective ads proved that in minor cases ads goals are achieved through deception. It is connected with decreased persuasive and influential power of advertisements after their corrections. (Advertising Strategy. 2009)
Corrective advertising is developed by the companies for the purpose of competitive advantage achievements and sales increase. There are numbers of marketing strategies and promotional concept, being the part of corrective advertising process. Advertising is considered to be the motor of any business development. A marketing professional sphere is aimed at getting a trust of the population by effective promotion of the service or goods produced by the company. Promotional concepts focus on demand research and getting trust of the population and control their opinions and preferences in goods and services. (Modern Advertising Methods. 2009)

Corrective Advertising Effectiveness

The effectiveness of corrective advertising can be shown through analysis of the basic advertising methods advertising used in deceptive campaigns:
· Promotional advertising;
· Contextual advertising;
· Pixel advertising;
· Bandwagon type of advertising.
One of the frequently used methods is considered to be promotional. It is based on the involvement of various promotional media events being attractive for the target consumers. This method is referred to the most effective and innovative in the field of advertising.
Secondly, contextual advertising, which is the generator of online advertisements and virtual advertising campaigns development. Modern status of software in business operation raised contextual advertising to a high level. Such companies, as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Yandex and many other use this method as the basic one for influencing the tastes of the majority.
Developing the theme of virtual advertising, one should speak of Pixel method, which is considered to be an innovative one in marketing sphere. Besides, it should be stated that this method is referred to corrective advertising area. This method was created in 2005; it is connected with the site called ‘Million Dollar Homepage’ offering businessmen to buy advertising space for dollar per pixel. The effectiveness of this method was proved with years and if highly promoted in modern marketing.
And finally, one more important aspect to be described is Bandwagon advertising, which is referred to propaganda technique of convincing character impacting the opinion of the users through persuasiveness of its advertising material. It is a psychological strategy pressing the formation of consumers’ opinion as to the product or service advertised. (Martindale, 2009)


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