What IS Brand Spiraling

Brand Spiraling- the practice of using traditional media such as television, print, and radio to attract consumers to your web site.

Once consumers go to the web site, they may be asked for some basic information such as gender, geographic location, and/or their purchases. This allows the firm to collect information on their market in order to better target them with future campaigns and messages.

Promoting Your Website

How to Promote Your Website to Consumers
From 101 Ways to Promote Your Website by Susan Sweeney
· Online Seminars
· Advice Columns
· Surveys
· Interactive Tours

Use traditional media to promote any of the above mentioned items in order to entice customers to visit website and boost your traffic. Word to the wise, a higher traffic count means your site will gain increased recognition through search engines such as Google and Yahoo. As people begin to search out your firm using a search engine, it could eventually become the number one hit! Increased traffic means increased brand awareness.

Branding at The Canadian Cancer Society</center>

In 2009, The Canadian Cancer Society developed a program in order to boost awareness for Breast Awareness Month. This program included sharing information on hosting Pink Parties. One of the features of Pink Parties is the “Thing-a-ma-boob” keychain: a keychain designed to show the various stages of a tumour. In order to boost traffic to the society’s website during Breast Awareness month, a sticker was designed with the website for the society. The sticker asked its audience, “Have You Checked Your Thing-a-ma-Boob?” The plan was to place the sticker in random spots throughout the New Brunswick areas thereby creating buzz and potential media coverage.