Instructor: Dr. Sherry Finney
Phone: 563-1176
Office Location: CC232


The main purpose of this course is to provide a strategic framework within which the elements of the promotional mix are viewed. Students will gain an understanding of how the different parts of the promotional mix fit together into a cohesive, integrated and effective promotional program.

Marketing communications will also be considered from the strategic perspective of decision makers both inside and outside the firm. Various topics are viewed from the vantage point of the key individuals involved, such as the account manager, brand manager, creative, media buyer, and webmaster.


Integrated Advertising, Promotion & Marketing Communications, 4th ed. Clow & Baack Prentice Hall, 2010.

Articles and other readings may be assigned, as necessary.


The companion website offered by Prentice Hall has been designed specifically to accompany Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications. Visit the Companion Web Site at


Individual 70%
Marketing Wiki Assignment 10
Quizzes – 4 @ 10 pts each 40
Learning Log Assignment 20

Group /Team 30%
IMC Plan Submission (class portion) 10
Group Tactical Plan 20

Marketing Wiki Assignment – A wiki is a collection of interlinked web pages created by a collaborative effort. Through this software, users can create, edit and link web pages. The goal of this assignment is twofold: (1) you will gain familiarity with Wikis and how they are used as a collaborative tool used for many reasons, including marketing. (2) you will gain in-depth familiarity with a marketing concept for which you will generate content and submit to a marketing wiki website. Detailed instructions will be provided in a separate handout.

Learning Log Assignment – A learning log is a valuable tool that will help you to make sense of your learning in this course. You will reflect on what you are learning, how you are learning and what you still need to learn. In this log, you will write about your various thoughts and how you feel about what you are learning. At mid-semester and end of term, you will present your log for evaluation.

Quizzes – To support the development of your learning log and to encourage you to keep pace with course readings, you will be tested periodically throughout the semester. Five multiple choice quizzes will be administered. Please see the weekly schedule for dates. If a student is ill, the professor must be notified by e-mail or phone message before the scheduled test. Documentation must be presented to the professor by the next scheduled class after the absence. In the event that a test is missed, and appropriate documentation is provided, a make-up test may be scheduled or the missed percentage of the course mark for the test may be added to the weighting of another test – these options are at the discretion of the professor.

IMC Plan Class/Group Project – Students will form 4-5 person teams. Collectively, all teams will prepare an Integrated Marketing Communication plan for a community organization (to be determined). The objective of this plan is to integrate all promotional tools studied over the duration of the course and it will serve as a capstone project. Each team will be assigned a part of the plan; however, each team will be responsible for preparing a detailed implementation map for a specific promotional tactic. This project will require your group to conduct both a situational analysis for the given product/service/idea, as well as some primary research to learn more about your target market. Once the target market has been described, you will then decide on objectives and a budget to achieve these objectives. Finally, your team will develop your chosen creative and/or media strategy. Creative approaches can be demonstrated by mock-ups, storyboards or other appropriate methods. All components must be fully justified on the basis of the target market and objectives and data, where appropriate. Midterm and near the end of the semester, Learning Circle classes have been scheduled. During these sessions, students will interact and provide constructive feedback to other groups regarding their components of the IMC plan. This is a team/class effort and parts of the plan will be graded as a whole. At the end of the term, representatives from each team will present the plan to the class and client. The time limit for this presentation is 30 minutes. Remember you are marketers…use your creativity!


Passing Grade - You must achieve a clear pass on your individual component to be able to get an overall pass in this course.
Cell Phones - Please turn off your cell phones, pager, etc. prior to entering the classroom. Should your phone ring during class, there is a penalty. You will be asked to bring enough doughnut holes for the rest of the class during the next session! Mixed variety please!

Laptops - Should you bring a laptop to class, please use it for relevant in-class purposes only. Using it for other activities is distracting to students sitting behind and around you.

Absenteeism - You are responsible for all course materials whether or not you were in class when they were covered. Please be sure to exchange contact information with a fellow student who can take notes for you if you are absent.

Email - This is a business course. Accordingly, an appropriate level of professionalism in email correspondence is expected. Use a formal greeting, body and closing. (“Hey” is not a formal greeting.) Please avoid using slang, and “texting” short forms.

If a student anticipates that he/she will be unable to attend class on a date that a presentation has been scheduled, he/she must contact the instructor prior to the class. As well, it is expected that a doctor’s slip be presented.

Schedule: The schedule has some flexibility built into it. Required changes will be announced in class.

Assignments: Assignments are due at the start of class. Late assignments will be penalized. If class should be cancelled for any reason, assignments will be due the next class. Assignments must be typed and should reflect a writing style appropriate for the business world. Points will be deducted from assignments not written in a professional business format. Spelling is very important when it comes to any type of business correspondence. Be sure that you use the spell-check program on every document before submission. But realize that the spell checker is only a tool. Telling me that you spell checked a document is not a reason for me to overlook misspelled words. Because spell checkers are imperfect, verify spelling in a dictionary. Assignments will not be accepted by email.

Testing Policy: Electronic dictionaries are not permitted during testing. Papers dictionaries are allowed but may be inspected at the discretion of the instructor. Students will not be allowed to leave the testing room once writing begins. If you require special consideration because of a medical condition, this must be discussed with the professor in advance.


Week beginning
Jan 4

Review Course Syllabus

Jan 11
Integrated Marketing Communication
Corporate Image and Brand Management
Chap 1 & 2
Jan 18
Buyer Behaviours
Promotion Opportunity Analysis
Chap 3 & 4
Jan 25
Quiz One (Ch 1-4) & Advertising Management
Advertising Management
Chap 5
Feb 1
Advertising Design
Advertising Design
Chap 6 & 7
Feb 8
Quiz Two (5-7)
Traditional Media

Traditional Media
Chap 8
Feb 15
E-active Marketing
Learning Circles
Chap 9
Feb 22
Reading Week

Mar 1
Alternative Marketing
Quiz Three (Ch 8-10) &
Database and Direct Response Marketing

Chap 10 & 11
Mar 8
Database and Direct Response Marketing
Sales Promotions
Chap 11 & 12
Mar 15
Public Relations
Quiz Four (Ch 11-13) &
Regulations and Ethical Concerns

Chap 13 & 14
Mar 22
Regulations and Ethical Concerns
Learning Circles
Chap 14
Mar 29
IMC Plan Presentation
Plan Revisions